Andrea P.

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John was highly recommended to me by a close friend who has VERY high standards. I entered the real estate market overwhelmed by bidding wars, multiple offers, well over the asking price, and the shortage of housing in the Seattle area. I felt like a deer in headlights. John got me prequalified in NO time and he really watched out for my interests during the buying process. Let’s face it, I was a nervous wreck because real estate is such a foreign field to me. Plus, this was the biggest financial transaction in my life to date. When it was time to make an offer, John was SO helpful letting me know what I could expect, and when, and he provided everything I needed to make my offer. Then his team patiently took me through the entire process. They were kind, helpful, efficient and conscientious. He was 1000% on my side and watched out for me during the transaction, which was EXACTLY what I needed. Without John’s decades of experience, this transaction would have never gotten off the ground. He’s got a GREAT sense of humor, promptly responds to phone calls and email messages, and knows what it takes to get a home purchase CLOSED ON TIME. I’m very fortunate to have had John’s experience on my side. I’d contact him again for a mortgage in a heartbeat.

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