Denis L.

January 15, 2015 10:46 am Published by Comments Off on Denis L.
My experience with Rick was exceptional. I entered into the mortgage process with a slight feeling of overwhelm. It was all quite scary at first. Rick provided such exceptional guidance and reassurance. He guided me every step of the way. His friendly demeanor and professional straightforwardness was very comforting. Entering into the mortgage process involves a lot of stressful research and paperwork. His reassurance and guidance truly made the entire process flow evenly and productively. I highly recommend that anyone entering into the mortgage process have Rick on their team. He is an excellent team organizer. He worked diligently with the real estate agents and the underwriters. He patiently and joyfully took all our phone calls and answered every question always leaving us reassured and confident. Truly, I highly encourage and recommend anyone looking to go through this process to contact Rick. He is professional and to the point. But at the same time he is reassuring and constantly has your back. Through the whole process he felt like a safety net. I will always be grateful to Rick. I highly recommend him with full confidence.

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