Elizabeth H.

While attaining our mortgage, we experienced the usual worries and hurdles that a typical couple might encounter. Throughout the process, our relationship with Lauren Sands was critical in our resilience. She saw us as people, was able to offer support at each step by explaining things and helping us overcome setbacks, and was patient with both us and our real estate agent. The others that worked on underwriting, appraisal, and documents were careful and we felt they had our best interest in mind. It has been almost thirty years since we had purchased a house, and we had only bought a home in the city. The special circumstances that come up when buying in the San Juan Islands, and the way that getting a loan has changed over the last few decades, felt a bit daunting to me. I always felt respected by the folks at Mortgage Master and Lauren's humor went a long way when I was tired of being a strong, responsible buyer.