This was my second time using Tom, with this time for a refinance. Again, it was painless and easy working with Tom. He was prompt and answered any questions I had very quickly. The process was great, with no hiccups. Will definitely recommend tom’s services to anyone.

Repeat business

We have used Thomas Boltz in the past for other transactions. He was highly recommended to us by a trusted family friend. Once again we need his services, we immediately called him. He came through again with great prompt service.


Tom is very supportive and passionate about helping you through the home buying process.

We never felt only during this journey and he was always very sincere helpful.

Thank you Tom


Thomas is one of the best refinance human in this state, he is very great to work with, there’s nothing else to say besides he is the best in the northwest, i already started to recommend him to my family’s and friends and lots of them are looking to refinance there home and selling the house, so wait for them Thomas there on your way

Excellent Service

I was extremely satisfied with Tom and his crew. I was able to close on a house in 3 weeks and I’m a first time buyer. He was available to me anytime.

Great lender all around

Tom was amazing. He was able to give me specific ways to boost my credit and answered all of my phone calls and emails almost instantly. I would 100% recommend him.

Tom Boltz

Tom was easy to work with and was always available to contact when I needed information and help. I would recommend tom to anyone looking to refinance.

Tom really is the mortgage master.

He helped us on our first home back in 2012. He did a really good job for giving us approval on our low
credit score and by giving us the best interest rate. Finally, time came by that we needed to pull some cash
out of our home equity. I never thought twice on giving him a call and he helped us again on our refi. I
would recommend Thomas Boltz, the mortgage master. He is the best! 👍👍👍👍👍

Great Lender

We first worked with Tom when my husband and I bought our first house. Three kids later, we’ve used
Tom to purchase our next home and refinance a few years later. He’s great with communicating
throughout the entire process and was patient and accommodating with our busy work & family
schedules. We trust him with all our mortgage needs.

Honest and always available

When I made multiple bids at different prices after 6pm tom always answered his phone and was happy to
write up the offer. He would even call the listing agent and assure them that I was fully underwritten and
capable of the loan and that alone really helped my bids stand out from the rest.